Specialty HVAC Equipment and Components

Unique Installations

The Jewel Box - Forest Park - St. Louis

We assisted in the design and provided unique pedestal style 3 row X 3 tier perimeter radiation. 4 story glass walls required over 8,000 BTU's/Ft to protect the plant life within. Special stainless steel wall brackets and cover were required to survive the humid environment. The Jewel Box is a St. Louis treasure.

The Butterfly House - St. Louis Zoo

A glass done building with large heat losses, it was originally built with thin profile cast iron radiators. These rusted though rather quickly and looked terrible. They were replaced with stainless steel convectors, which standup to watering and continue to look great.

Busch Stadium - St. Louis

Ever wonder why you see players sitting up on the backs of the dugout benches in spring and fall? That's because Sterling finned tube radiators running beneath the benches are providing heat to keep them warm. Special stainless steel cover and brackets hold up well to spit and regular washings, but sadly don't fare too well when struck by the bats of the latest strikeout victims. Interestingly, we provided equipment for both dugouts, both dugout restrooms, but only the Cardinals bullpen. Guess we didn't want opposing pitchers warmed up too quickly?

Crowder College - Neosho, MO

The Merit Center is one of the first net zero energy buildings in the country. Powered by wind and solar panels, it is heated and cooled by 4 pipe TWA radiant panels we provided. Hot water is supplied by a methane biomass boiler with wood pellet backup and 60° chilled water for cooling is pumped directly from the ground.

Switzler Hall - University of Missouri

This 100+ year old building was the second one built on the campus. It was completely gut rehabbed in 2011. Sterling Architectural perimeter heat was installed throughout.

Scottrade Center - St. Louis

Next time you are riding up the escalator to the upper levels for a Blues game or concert, notice the Sterling pedestal heaters that run along the 300' + long glass wall to your right. While not the prettiest installation we have seen, it keeps the 30' tall glass wall warm and clear even in the coldest weather.

Change'Air Vertical Unit Ventilators in classrooms

The following area school districts are currently using Change'Air equipment in classrooms.

  • Missouri Schools
  • Wentzville - 4 schools
  • Springfield - 4 schools
  • Columbia
  • Cape Girardeau - 3 schools
  • Jackson - 2 schools
  • Ellington
  • Gainsville
  • Lamar
  • Ash Grove
  • Naylor
  • Sikeston
  • Harrisburg
  • Marshall
  • Hamilton
  • New Madrid
  • University of Missouri
  • Ft. Leonard Wood - Training Rooms
  • Illinois Schools
  • Gardner
  • Bismarck Oakwood
  • LaHarpe
  • Griggsville - 4 schools
  • Ashland
  • Hillsboro
  • Campbell Hill
  • Odin
  • Albers
  • Ewing
  • Akin
  • Thompsonville
  • Vienna
  • Cypress
  • Cobden
  • Wolf Lake
  • Mounds
  • O'Fallon
  • Cerro Gordo
  • Cahokia
  • Arkansas Schools
  • Bay
  • Walnut Ridge
  • Searcy